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Edmonton car insurance coverage may vary based on the needs on the client. For residents of Alberta there are mandatory auto insurance coverage for third party liability and accident benefits and also optional coverage available for physical damage of your vehicle for collision or other insured perils causing damage to your vehicle.

Mandatory Car Insurance coverage in the province of Alberta:

Third Party Liability: This auto insurance covers against the injuries of others and damage to their vehicle and property as a result of your negligence.

Accident Benefits: provides limited coverage for emergency medical, death benefits and lost wages in the event of an accident.

Optional Car Insurance coverage in the province of Alberta:

Physical Damage: this optional auto insurance coverage protects your vehicle in the event of physical damage through collision, or comprehensive insured loss (fire, theft and vandalism). These optional coverages for physical damage will have a deductible applied to this insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance also has several optional endorsements that can be added to your coverage to further protect you.

Loss of Use Endorsement (sef 20): Edmonton car insurance companies can also offer this endorsement to cover the expense of a rental vehicle in the event that you are without transportation while your vehicle is repaired after an accident or insured peril.

Legal Liability for Physical Damage to Non-Owned automobiles (sef 27): This endorsement coverage can extend physical damage to a non-owned vehicle that is in your care custody or control. If you are away on holidays, you can extend collision coverage to a rental vehicle.

Family Protection Endorsement (sef 44): This endorsement you when a third party injures you or damages your property in an accident and the third party has inadequate insurance to cover the expenses of the accident. Your car insurance in Edmonton would then respond to cover the shortfall from your third party liability coverage that you carry.

Limited Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement (sef 43): This endorsement can protect your purchase price of a newly purchased vehicle for the first 30 months that the vehicle is in service on the road. The endorsement waives the depreciation when the vehicle needs to be replaced during this time period.

Accident Waiver Endorsement (sef 39): For drivers that have achieved 6 consecutive years of auto insurance with no at fault accidents or claims, you can qualify to add this endorsement to protect your clean driving record in the event that you are involved in an at fault accident. This claim would not effect your clean driving record for the first at fault accident.

Edmonton’s Motorcycle Insurance Experts

Sabre Insurance also offers a full range of motorcycle insurance in Edmonton and also can insurance your recreational vehicles as well. If you have an all terrain vehicle or snowmobile, we can also provide a package with your vehicles to insure your toys and accessories.

Car insurance in Edmonton can provide a variety of coverage options for auto insurance, and Sabre Insurance will work to achieve the coverage that fits your car insurance needs in Edmonton. Please contact Sabre Insurance for an auto insurance consultation and car insurance quote.

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